Ginseng Immunity

The health benefits of Korean Red Ginseng have long been known and have been well studied by a wide range of medical and herbal experts.
We continue to spend $20 million each year to better understand the numerous health benefits ginseng potentially provides, including to your immune system.

In addition to its anti-inflammatory and anti-oxidative qualities, recent research has focused on ginseng’s potential role in encouraging the body’s anti-viral and anti-bacterial immune system response, increasing the production of dendritic cells, macrophages, and ‘natural killer’ white blood cells.

Because ginseng benefits the immune system, taking ginseng regularly in the form of extracts, tonics, supplement pills, beverages, or on its own may help support healthy immune function.
The scientific name of ginseng, Panax, literally means ‘all-healing’ in Greek.
Its unique compounds, the ginsenoside class of saponins, are found only within this particular genus of plants.
Unlike other ginseng growers, we allow each of our prized plants to mature for a full six years,
maximizing saponins concentrated in each individual root.

An essential ingredient of Korean culture and well-being,
red ginseng’s remarkable range of natural health benefits include.