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Korea Ginseng Corp Reviews - The Top Korean Ginseng Brand

Based on 1328 reviews
Is good

Es muy buen producto

Fresh Energy

Feel like fresh energy after taking the Stick. This is my second time taking order from you and will continue. Thanks to Dr John Yoo for recommend with good result as i find out too. I'll recommend to all my relative and friends too. Keep going ,Fighting .In future i'm regular customer :)


very convinent to take it daily.

Good stuff

Everything is fine thanks for all the great stuff

Pep in my step

Your ginseng gives me a boost in the bedroom, if you know what I mean.

PE 542449A1, Everytime Limited Extract Stic Pack Korean Red Ginseng

The Salesperson is very helpful with my inquires and provide me a very good product. Thank you!

Hong Sam Won Plus

Good product, taste great, gives energy. Will buy again

Great source of energy and health for me

Ever since My friend recommend Korea Ginseng Corp.,
I don’t think I can do without it. Especially with the treat of Covid, I think I'm healthy and safe with it.
Thank you Korea,

아들이 좋다고 하네요

It's not for me because I am a man

I gave it away because I am a man.

Everytime 3g

Good stuff, great for energy. Will buy again.

Earth Grade 20ji Root 150g Korean Red Ginseng - CheongKwanJang

Really satisfied

It is my 2nd time ordered for my kids. My 6yrs old do not hesitate to drink it. Even looking for drink it herself. And as 2nd month, I see already difference of her immunity gone up. I am very happy with product.

Blueberry Korean Red Ginseng Health Drink Pouch - Good Base

Loved it!

I absolutely love this product I was looking for something natural due to my husbands low immune system he was very sick with the flu gave him the ginseng for some days n noticed how fast he recovered I recommend this product to my family is so good to I would b purchasing more is a must have :) u will not regret it

Korean Gingseng

Great product. Product was shipped in great. Condition. I love how the gingseng makes me feel more energetic.


So I found this site searching for natural things I can do with ginger due to my husband having a low immune system n let me tell u I don’t regret one bit buying there it says to take 1 a day but I give him 2 he was sick with the flu n these here helped him recover so much faster he was taking so many meds prescribed that he felt sick but i thank God I found these only thing is they r a bit pricey but I will continue to purchase them can’t wait to try other ones I recommend this 100%


Gives me stability & energy whenever I need a boost. Hopefully it will support my system.

Me gusta

Sentí más energía al empezar a tomarlo


Good quality

Helped me get off of coffee

I've slowly become a bit more sensitive to coffee over the years. This KRG extract tea has been wonderful. It gives me a more sustainable energy through the day without the jittery feeling I get from caffeine, and I swear that it seems to be a slight mood boost as well, probably just from the energy boost. I've tried several ginseng extracts, and this one seems to have the best effect on me. Highly recommended.

Vital Tonic Gift Set Box 10-Bottles Korean Red Ginseng - CheongKwanJang

Extract Everytime 2000 mg 5x Bundle 10 Stick Packs (5x10 Sticks)

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