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GoodBASE Brand by CheongKwanJang Korean Red Ginseng with Natural fruits


Vitalize yourself with GoodBASE Every Day!

Korean Red Ginseng mixed with Natural Fruits such as Pomegranate, Aronia, Blueberry, Plum, Passion Fruit, Peach and Black Garlic to added benefits along with one from Korean Red Ginseng. 

GoodBASE is a Brand that is known for its richness in Vitamins coming from Natural Fruits along with the Korean Red Ginseng Benefits.

  • Ingredients from all across the world (Red Ginseng-Korean, Pomegranate-Iran, etc.)
  • 290 safety tests to maintain its best quality (HACCP certified)

Get the full benefits of Korean Red Ginseng and varieties of natural fruits with GoodBASE for you and your loved ones now!

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Extract Korean Red Ginseng - CheongKwanJang

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Extract Korean Red Ginseng - CheongKwanJang

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