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Kid Tonic - Children's Health Supplement

Kid Tonic - Children's Health Supplement

KGC Kid Tonic is a children's health supplement brand that promotes immune enhancement in children. Since its first release in 2004, Kid Tonic has been well-loved among Korean mothers as a Korean Red Ginseng supplement.

Kid Tonic comes in three steps to target children of different ages. Kids grow up in the blink of an eye; which means, every day is important. Kid Tonic puts together the Korean red ginseng (main ingredient) with other premium nutritious ingredients appropriate for each age group. The supplementary ingredients include angelica, New Zealand deer antler velvet, jujube, concentrated Korean pear extract, lactulose, chlorella, elderberry, black yeast, and fructooligosaccharide.

Kid Tonic Step 1 (Ages 3-4)

Step 1 provides your child with an immune enhancement to build a solid foundation for health and wellbeing. During the important development stage of preschool.

"My little kids love it! I think it's the sweetness of the angelica." ¹

Kid Tonic Step 2 (Ages 5-7)

and stamina enhancement formula. It provides your child with immune enhancement to build a solid foundation for health and wellbeing.

"The red ginseng is handpicked and even signed by specialists before going through countless safety tests. It is why I choose KGC for my child's health." ²

Kid Tonic Step 3 (Ages 8-10)

When it is time for children to start school with much bigger and heavier bags, consistent health care is more crucial than ever. It supports your children with an immune and stamina enhancement formula.

"Once I told my son it is a healthy drink, now he pops one out of his bag and starts drinking it by himself." ³

Kid Tonic is extraordinary from its roots. Since 1899, Korea Ginseng Corporation has set the new standard for red ginseng supplements beyond Korea with its exceptional manufacturing technology since 1899. KGC proudly presents to you healthy and safe products under strict quality control in accordance with its tradition. KGC Kid Tonic has been the number 1 top-selling children's red ginseng supplement in Korea. The 6-year-old Korean Red Ginseng is grown in a specific area under 7 years of soil management. The products are made through 140 red ginseng researchers by completing 290 kinds of safety tests for seven times.

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