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Bolsa Tônica I-Pass Student Ginseng Vermelho Coreano - CheongKwanJang

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Bolsa Tônica I-Pass Student Ginseng Vermelho Coreano - CheongKwanJang

Bolsa Tônica I-Pass Student Ginseng Vermelho Coreano - CheongKwanJang


Ginseng Vermelho Coreano

Ginseng Benefit Cognitive FunctionGinseng Benefit AntioxidantGinseng Benefit ImmuneGinseng Benefit CirculationGinseng Benefit Energy

※ Feito especialmente para crianças de 14 a 16 anos

É um fato bem conhecido que os alunos precisam estar em seu jogo A para ter sucesso. Com o i-Pass Korean Ginseng Tonic, seu cérebro e corpo podem se alimentar sem esforço durante o dia. Este tônico é projetado com ervas naturais e extrato de ginseng vermelho coreano para um sistema de suporte eficaz e equilibrado. Baseado na medicina tradicional coreana conhecida como "ChongMyungTang(sopa inteligente)", que é usado terapeuticamente para melhorar a memória e a concentração. Dê ao seu aluno o impulso que ele precisa hoje com o I-Pass!

*Estas declarações não foram avaliadas pela Food and Drug Administration. Estes produtos não se destinam a diagnosticar, tratar, curar ou prevenir qualquer doença.


Extrato de raiz de Panax Ginseng vermelho coreano, extrato de raiz de astrágalo, extrato de raiz de Angelica Gigas Nakai, extrato de jujuba, extrato de folha de bambu, extrato de raiz de Poria, extrato de rizoma de folha de grama Sweetflag, taurina, pó de extrato de arroz integral germinado, creatina, água, frutose cristalina , Isomaltulose, Concentrado de Suco de Pêra, y-Ciclodextrina, Ácido Cítrico, Aroma Artificial, Goma Gelana, Citrato Trissódico


Uso sugerido: Para crianças de 14 a 16 anos, tome uma bolsa diariamente após a refeição (50ml x 30 bolsas)

Perceber: Evite expor as bolsas à luz solar direta e mantenha-as em local fresco e seco.

Aviso: Supervisione as crianças enquanto bebem. As bordas da bolsa podem ser afiadas. As bordas rasgadas podem apresentar um risco de asfixia. Se uma criança tiver uma condição médica ou tomar medicação, consulte um médico antes de usar. Se uma criança apresentar qualquer reação adversa, interrompa o uso e consulte um médico. Guarde as bolsas fora do alcance das crianças.


Customer Reviews

Based on 16 reviews
It is essential for active children

I feed iPass every day for a 12-year-old middle school boy. Then, the tired body from studying and sports regains its energy. I have been feeding my children red ginseng every year since they were young. The children also love the taste of red ginseng. If you have a slight cold, feed a pack of red ginseng before giving medicine. And even if you feel a little weak, you feed them red ginseng. Then it recovers quickly and returns to a healthy state. Our children are taller than their peers even if they don't take vitamins separately. Red ginseng is a very important health food for our family.

Energy Booster for teens

After drinking this red ginseng drink, my 14-year old teenager has re-gained strong appetite and is more energetic than before. It seems he focuses better at school as well. We are very happy to find this product, and I am feeling great about giving it to him every morning. More importantly, he absolutely loves the flavor and taste of it.

It gives an energy

My kid is junior high schooler and she is always tired because of lots of school work.
She has been taking i-pass since she was middle schooler. Every morning she drinks i-pass right before heading to school and she said it gives an energy. We will keep doing this routine till she graduates high school.

I'm sure I-Pass works.

It's happening well after my high school daughter, who didn't get up well every morning, ate I-Pass.
I'm sure it works.
I plan to keep my daughter eating I-Pass steadily in the future.


My son is a picky eater and skinny. He needs to take this supplement to support his immune system and his health. I think it helps a lot with his energy level and his athletic activity in high school. He does not feel tired that much. I will keep him to take this ipass! I see it works for him!



By purchasing your CheongKwanJang products directly from Korean Ginseng Corporation, you are assured of getting a product that is at all times handled properly according to manufacturer’s recommendations. At this time, we do not ship outside of the United States.

All orders are normally shipped out within 1 business day. Please note, we can only ship to physical addresses and not P.O. boxes at this time.


Our Mission

To make people’s lives better everyday by providing them with the best, traditionally harvested, most carefully selected Korean Red Ginseng products to support health and well-being. We give our all for the sake of our customers, so they can face any challenges in life.


Renowned worldwide, Korea Ginseng Corporation(KGC), with its subsidiary lines CheongKwanJang and Koreselect, is the #1 brand of ginseng, with over 120 years of horticultural and scientific expertise.

Vertically-integrated, we specialize in the cultivation, harvest, and preparation of the world’s finest red ginseng, a more efficacious form of ginseng, conducting 293 quality and safety tests in the course of each production cycle. Every year we devote over two hundred researchers and 20 million dollars to the science of ginseng. All KGC brands use the most exceptional ginseng combined with the finest herbs and ingredients to deliver superior products to meet everyone’s needs.

Each of our CheongKwanJang products is certified by the Republic of Korea’s Ministry of Food and Science to feature only premium ginseng extract, from the roots of plants that have been allowed to mature for the full six years required for optimal results.

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