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Comentários da Korea Ginseng Corp - A melhor marca coreana de Ginseng

Based on 2194 reviews
great stuff

I really enjoy taking the ginseng product they sell

Feel stronger

In morning feel more energy

Definitely ordering more!

I’ve been taking about 1/3 teaspoon of honey and 1/3 teaspoon of the red ginseng twice daily for about 2 weeks. I’m completely aware that it normally takes supplements about 30-60 days to really start to take effect. I am noticing; however, that I am starting to regain some energy. I’m hoping that this feeling continues to grow. Excited to continue taking the ginseng!

Renesse Candy Korean Red Ginseng - CheongKwanJang


My daughter loves to drink it everyday!

Great product with a smooth taste

Great product with a smooth taste, Try! You'll know the difference.

Extract Korean Red Ginseng - CheongKwanJang

i wanted to like it but way too bitter :(

it was just waaaay too bitter for me, i wish i knew beforehand. i also do really wish I could tolerate it because it has so many health benefits but i wasnt able to get even a tiny amount down because the taste was too strong for me. i tried diluting and adding honey and it wasnt enough. if you can easily consume medicine and other things you should be ok! otherwise this might be tough.

Tasty and rejuvenating

I actually like the taste of this paste. After waiting an hour, I feel rejuvenated and my skin/hair has never been better!

Red Ginseng

I haven’t receive my item, that I ordered last month. And no one responded to my email’s.

Amazing product

I am already seeing the effects of this amazing product, the taste is lovely and the quality is outstanding.

Great stuff

I have a heart condition so I’ve been using this supplement I think it’s wonderful!!!

Its the best

Thank you for the quick deliveries that I had received for you. In the future I plan to buy again because your product tastes awesome!!!

I Like These So Far

Seems to do what it is purported to do without negative side effects. No bad aftertaste, easy to take, and great value. Will order again.

Deceptive info THEY do not refund

Disappointed. Misinformation. Miniscule mixed powder(S) not in a tea bag. Needs to be mixed and has bad taste. Reaction if taken alone not on disclaimer (just bad taste w/o honey)

Love the combination of ginseng w/turmeric ❣️

I love the combination of ginseng with turmeric. My body has responded favorably to both herbs in the past, so it’s nice to find them together in one supplement. I think they work well together to improve my energy, build my immunity, and make me better equipped to deal with stress. I’m very happy with this product and appreciate that it is thoughtfully crafted from non GMO sources and no added allergens. Good supplement, I highly recommend 👍🏻🥇

Great product and fast delivery

seemingly a good proprietary blend

Supplements are a difficult product to review, but it does seem I have had less gut issue since incorporating these into my supplement regimen. They are a smaller capsule so easy to swallow, and good proprietary blend. A little costly, but all supplements are now days. Will most likely continue including these in my vitamin/supplement regimen for a bit longer.

Extract Korean Red Ginseng - CheongKwanJang

Great ginseng product

Great quality and trusted company. Love this ginseng tonic set.

Women's Balance Korean Red Ginseng Capsule - Koreselect

Women's Balance Korean Red Ginseng Capsule - Koreselect


We may not notice a difference in how we feel. But we know what it does for our body . The nitric oxide helps our bodies carry oxygen. And ginseng helps our bodies retain the nitric oxide. As well as ginseng helps our blood carry more oxygen as well as increase circulation.
So we know it's good for our brain and bodies and it could make us feel better but it's hard to notice the difference. But we know it's good for our bodies and mind and makes us feel better and live longer

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