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CheonKwanJang Happy Thanksgiving 2022 with Korean Red Ginseng

CheonKwanJang Happy Thanksgiving 2022 with Korean Red Ginseng

Celebrate Thanksgiving with Korean Red Ginseng

We're so thankful this Thanksgiving season to be able to celebrate with all our friends and family, we are including many of our favorite Korean Red Ginseng Pouches during this promotion!

Offer#1: Use Promo Code: Thanksgiving15 to get 15% Discount when you buy 2 or more of these Korean Red Ginseng Pouches:

  • Pure Extract Pouch : Heaven & Earth & Good & Cut Grade
  • Kids Supplements Pouch : Kid Tonic Step 1, 2, 3,  I-Pass Junior and I-Pass Student Tonic
  • Women's Supplements Pouch: Women's Balance Jin and Bon
  • Men's Supplements Pouch: Energetic Tonic
  • Everyday Supplements Pouch: Tonic Gold and Mild

Offer #2: Use Promo code: Thanksgiving250 For Orders Above $250 on our non promotional items you will receive a Free CheonNok Deer Antler Velvet Extract (30g $39.99)

CheonNok Deer Antler Velvet 30g Free Gift

Offer #3: Get $5.00 off Vital Tonic Gift Set Box

Stay healthy and energized with CheongKwanJang this holiday Season! and Gift your loved ones the best

※Promotion ends on 11/27/2022

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