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Korea Ginseng Corp Reviews - The Top Korean Ginseng Brand

Based on 1246 reviews

Women's Balance Innergetic Jelly Stick Korean Red Ginseng - CheongKwanJang

Not worth the price

The Korean Red Ginseng is very expensive and took much longer than expected to arrived. I make tea twice a day, in the morning and evening but never notice or experienced any difference or changes in terms of all the health benefits they claimed to be associated with the Ginseng. Absolutely no difference and at this point, I'm only trying to finish it up so I don't waste it. Definitely not worth the price.


We thank you for your feedback and willingness to try our product. It's actually a good thing that you don't feel much of a difference as that is normally an indication that you're pretty healthy. Korean red ginseng is an adaptogen and works as a normalizer to bring balance to the body so it's normally people that have something unbalanced that feels things. Keep in mind, we have numerous clinical trials and studies and if you wish to learn more, we recommend visiting this link:

Also, if you have any other questions, please feel free to send us a message to Thank you!

Wow I just started stick peach flavors not sure all yet but look very good my body control my wight n everything just starting I little difference to say I will review a gain

The Best!

Satisfying. Superb. Stupendous. Sublime. Super.

Women's Balance Innergetic Jelly Stick Korean Red Ginseng - CheongKwanJang

Good product

Looking forward to the results of this product.

five stars

Enhanced my mood, mental clarity, and energy level. For me, one packet is enough for the whole day. Noticeably better than your earth grade.

So far so good

I feel quite a bit more energy, I think the product works as expected will be ordering more in the near future.

It Could Be Working

I started taking the Extract with hot water and a little bit of stevia twice a day for the last 6 days. This is the first day that I feel the inflammation on my left hand from having trigger finger is starting to subside. I'm optimistic!

Pomegranate Korean Red Ginseng Health Drink Pouch - Good Base

CheonNok Convenience Deer Antler Velvet Korean Red Ginseng Extract - CheongKwanJang

Very good

Use prior to workout

Too New to Determine

I have only been using it for about 7 days so I can't really give a good review. I do know it does not taste very good, so I put it in my Organic green tea.

Easy to take

I found these little packets easy, quick and tasty to take daily.

Super product!

I've been using this to help make my metabolic system more efficient and reduce inflammation. I drink it with water only and love the taste. Not harsh or bitter.

Korean Red Ginseng Extract

Nice packaging and shipped on time. Too early to see results from the product but it appears to be very high quality.

Great product

I love this product itโ€™s amazing!

Love it!!!! Itโ€™s amazing!!!!


Great product

Try! You'll know the difference ^^

Pomegranate Korean Red Ginseng Health Drink Stick - Good Base

Noting yet

I have felt no noticeable difference in my mind and body in the first week of use. Iโ€™m dissatisfied so far.

Dear Obalafia,
Thank you for taking the time to leave us feedback about our product. We understand that not everyone will have the same experience with our product and that it is natural to feel disappointed when that is the case. However, we can produly say that our supplements will have gradually increased effects when taking for continuous time. (at least 30 days)

If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to contact us at Thank you!

[Sample] Kid Tonic Step 3 (Ages 8 to 10)
Brandon Kim

Easy to drink, good taste for kids!

Extract Capsule Gold Korean Red Ginseng - CheongKwanJang

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