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Korea Ginseng Corp Reviews - The Top Korean Ginseng Brand

Based on 2244 reviews
Perfect for gifts

Helpful for daily intake


I love the way my ginseng miraculously giving me a boost everyday, I used to feel tired and weak all day long even after getting a good night sleep, now I feel energetic and it lasts the whole day.

Best Korean Ginseng

My 71 years old mother has been taking the Everytime 3g Extract Stick Korean Red Ginseng and the CheonNok Red Ginseng Deer Antler Velvet Extract for over a year and she loves them. Consuming these nutritious Ginseng, my mother feels more energetic and healthier.

Women's Balance Korean Red Ginseng Capsule - Koreselect

Extract Korean Red Ginseng - CheongKwanJang

Excellent quality

I feel great energy after consuming this every morning

Great Ginseng, excellent taste!

I LOVE this Red Ginseng pouch! It has such a flavorful taste (not bitter and not overly sweetened) and the Red Ginseng is of superb quality. It helped me a lot with concentration, mood, and energy!

Great for gifts

Great support for daily intake

Wife likes them

Says they give her more energy

It came just in time.

I've been having anxiety attacks for several days when the capsules came. I took two as recommended and I felt much better. I kept taking them for the next three to four days until the attacks ceased. I feel that these capsules definitely helped a lot and got me through a difficult time.

A great way to start my day!

I've been taking this everyday since I received it and can notice a change in my energy throughout the day. I'm excited to see the long term changes as I continue to take this supplement.

So Good!

It reminds me of a ginseng supplement I used years ago, but I stopped because they changed the formulation of it and it didn't work as well. This is easy to use - it has an earthy taste to it that isn't offensive and it gets me through the afternoon slump with no effort. I will be making another purchase!


No issues so far.


It seems to be doing something.

Excellent product

Ginseng shots to get me going in the morning!

Love this product, I drinking it everyday and now I have my sister and friends using it too. Thank you

Very good

Excellent quality tea


Bought for my grandma. It is very convenient and easy to make.

A Great Addition to My Energy Regimen

As a CPA in the middle of tax season whose getting about four hours of sleep every night on average, getting awake - and staying awake while sitting for hours on end - is not easy seven days a week. For the past 2-3 weeks, I've been adding this ginseng extract to my Vitamin-B-and-two-cups-of-coffee morning wake up regimen, which really seems to help my energy and focus. I look forward to it getting me through the rest of the season!


Great price, quick delivery, works vey well.

It’s so amazing

The best drink I has

Great kick start

Add it to oj in the morning and don't have to drink coffee in the morning.. love it!!

nice daily suppliment

after taking this everyday for 1 month, I do feel more energetic

Gives me energy for all day!

I have a labor intensive job but taking this supplement every day helps me recover from the day and get much better sleep. Highly recommend!

Always happy!

Very potent and long lasting it helps me get through my day.

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