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Korean Ginseng for Pain and Inflammation
When naturally treating chronic joint pain (such as in the shoulders and knees), many people don’t consider the wonder herb known as ginseng, which may aid with pain and inflammation. This prized herb, today used in the form of ginseng supplements, can live many decades and has been used for centuries in Oriental medicine to alleviate numerous conditions.
Summertime: Health and Wellness
The summer months have finally arrived.  Kids are out of school.  Family vacations are in the works.  This is the time of year many are the most active.  When we are actively on the go, it can be difficult to find time to incorporate healthy choices.  If we are surrounded with a multitude of unhealthy choices around us, it can be difficult to seek out that one healthy choice. 
Korean Red Ginseng:  Energy
Are you experiencing a high level of fatigue throughout the day? You are not alone. It can be difficult to find all-natural ways to boost energy without the dreaded mid-afternoon crash hangover. CheongKwanJang has been the trusted producer of Korean Red Ginseng for over 120 years. These ginseng supplements have been utilized by those practicing Eastern medicine as a modality to promote immune health and boost energy for centuries.
Ginseng for More Effective Exercise
Regular exercise is one of the single most important lifestyle habits you can adopt to improve your overall physical health, cognitive functioning, and mood. Regular exercise can improve sleep quality and circulation, and increase serotonin and dopamine levels, elevating your mood.
Ginseng to Focus Your Energies
Energy and focus are the main ingredients to a productive day – and reaching our longer-term goals. There are any number of factors that can help or hinder our energy level and ability to focus: sleep quality, our diet, level of physical activity, and the supplements we consume.
Why The Elderly Needs Ginseng Supplements
We all know that the elderly are the most vulnerable when it comes to getting infected with illnesses, especially the common cold and the flu. Our immune system declines as we age, which means having a healthy diet, exercise, adequate sleep, and taking supplements, particularly ginseng, are a must. 
The Right Combination to Unlock Health
It can be nearly impossible to maintain a healthy diet that provides you with all of the necessary nutrition that you need to thrive. Taking vitamins and minerals to supplement your diet is almost always a necessity to guarantee a balanced intake of the nutrients your body needs.
免疫功能 高丽红参最著名的特性是其与免疫系统健康有关的药用特性。 研究 将高丽人参与主要免疫细胞的产量增加联系起来:树突状细胞,天然杀伤细胞,B和T细胞,巨噬细胞和细胞因子。所有这些免疫细胞在有害病毒和细菌的鉴定和根除中都起着重要作用。 更多, 高丽红参 还与整体免疫支持有关,不仅促进细胞形...
春天绽放 根据美国疾病预防控制中心的数据,春季是感冒的最常见季节之一。当人们开始重新进行户外活动时,春天是温度升高的开始。 但是,在许多地方,春季仍然会带来季节性霜冻,虽然春季阵雨很普遍,但早春往往意味着湿度低(干燥的空气)。低温和低湿度都可能 增加感染感冒或病毒的风险. 继续阅读以了解服用...

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