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Mid-Autumn Event

CheongKwanJang Prepares You For the Autumn Season With Health

Boost your Immunity and Replenish Your Body
CheongKwanJang Mid-Autumn Event

Event Period: 8/19/2022 - 9/18/2022

Mix & Match - CheonNok (Any 3 Types) Everytime (30 Stick)/ Kid Tonic (Any 5 Types)

Mix & Match 1,2 or 3

5%/10%/15% Discount

Special Discount On Our Popular Product Vital Tonic

Sale Price of $29.99 Valid Only For A Limited Time

Hong Sam Won Plus With Purchases Over $250

Orders Over $250 On Non-Promo Items Get a Free Box of HongSamWon Plus

This offer is only valid for CheongKwanJang members. Therefore, supplies are available in limited quantities and may be terminated early or changed when the product supply is exhausted. Korean red ginseng may help boost one’s immunity by increasing immune cells or regulating their functions. Genuine CheongKwanJang products are sold only at CheongKwanJang affiliated stores and designated outlets in the Americas. For more information on products, please visit or contact us at

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