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How does Korean Red Ginseng Boost Immunity?

How does Korean Red Ginseng Boost Immunity?

Korean Red Ginseng has been used for centuries in Eastern Medicine as an herbal medicine to help patients support their immune system and thereby indirectly preventing the contraction of many diseases. Korean Red Ginseng is an immune modulator and offers many benefits in boosting immunity to help individuals keep their health and well-being. 

What is the Immune System?

First, it is imperative to understand how the immune system works in order to understand how Korean Red Ginseng effects the immune system.

The immune system is a protective barrier that the human body possesses to help prevent the contraction of disease as well as fight off that disease if it crosses the barrier. The first goal is to prevent the infection (bacteria or virus) from crossing into the system. However, in many cases that is not possible and that is why many people get colds, viruses (like the flu) and bacterial infections.  Once the insult (bacteria or virus) has entered the host (the patient), the result is infection. At this time, the patients immune system focuses solely on how to eradicate the illness and maintain the patients health. In many cases, in those patients who are not immune compromised a healthy immune system will work hard and fight off this infection thus resulting back in an homeostatic equilibrium. 

However, there are many natural and environmental insults that occur just during our daily lives that work to fight against the immune system. These outside insults result in a weakened immune system; therefore, it is up to us to ensure that we take the best care of our body possible and find alternative ways to maintain health and maintain a strong immune system. Korean Red Ginseng has been around for centuries and has been proven to be an immune modulator and has been used for maintaining that homeostatic equilibrium of immune health while also keeping illness and other bacterial/viral insult attacks at bay.  This is achieved by the strengthening of the immune system that the Korean Red Ginseng has the capability of performing (Kang, 2012). 

The immune system is made up of two different arms. The first arm of immunity is the innate immunity; this is the immune system that each of us have immediately after birth. The second arm of immunity is known as the adaptive immune system. This adaptive immune system develops over time as we are exposed to different antigens via the environment or vaccines (NIH, 2013). 

Korean Red Ginseng As An Immune Modulator?

Korean Red Ginseng contains ginsenosides. Three specific ginsenosides Rh2, Rs4 and Rg3 are found in Korean Red Ginseng and are present because of the breakdown of saponins that occurs during the heat process. Once the Korean Red Ginseng is consumed, it then undergoes a fermentation process within the individual's intestines which allows for those saponins to become active and absorbable (Kang, 2012). These ginsenosides are pharmacological effects that current data suggests provides benefits to the immune system while also offering anti-tumor activities.  These ginsenosides are thought to carry out a direct effect on modulating the immune system by preventing tumor cell growth by overactivity of the immune system. These ginsenosides prevent that overproduction of growth of those immune cells which represent an inappropriately acting immune system. These ginsenosides help to prevent that overgrowth that results in tumor formation and is thought to be a potentially beneficial treatment in the cancer patients (Yanfei, 2019).

According to the study titled, Comparative study of main components of ginseng on immune function of rats, "Panaxadiol saponins and ginseng polysaccharide are better in enhancing immune, and total ginsenoside shows advantages in resisting oxidation and stress" (Jia, 2014).  These are components that are found within the Korean Red Ginseng root.

The ginseng saponins (ginsenosides) make up the majority of active function of the Korean Red Ginseng.  The ginseng saponins are the component that are so effective in reducing stress and anxiety as well as helping to maintain homeostasis of the hypothalamic-pituitary-adrenal axis which contributes to so many health conditions that many are facing today. 


There is no limit to the health benefits that the Korean Red Ginseng has to offer; we are only at the tip of the potential that can be gained from this naturally occurring root. You can find the best Korean Red Ginseng products at Korea Ginseng Corp’s website, https://www.kgcus.com/. As we continue to research and perform more studies on this root we will only continue to become more educated on how beneficial these naturally occurring herbs are in the well-being of the human race.

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