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5 Outdoors Cardio Exercises

5 Outdoors Cardio Exercises

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Maybe you’re tapering off of a muscle mass-building program and want to change things up and get more into a body-sculpting mode with more muscle definition. Or, perhaps you’ve had a little bit of an extended winter, and the sun has suddenly popped out in spite of the doughy “winter layers” that you packed on during the colder months. Whatever the case, these 5 cardio exercises can help you whittle away that body fat and bring out that toned physique trapped inside.

One of the primary ways to burn that fat is to engage in some outdoor cardio routines. This affords you ample room to run, sprint, etc. Training outside also allows for pleasant views of the beautiful environments that nature has provided, as opposed to being cramped up in some sweaty fitness center.

Get back into shape quickly with these 5 outdoor exercises, whether you live in an urban area, the suburbs, or out in the more rural areas.

#1.Beach/Lake/Park Volleyball

If you so happen to live by a beach or local lake, volleyball can be one of the best workouts you can engage in. Even if you don’t, many parks sport volleyball courts for folks who want to get their “game on.”

Through playing a single hour of volleyball, one can burn over 300 calories. Whatever better is that you’ll actively be developing your core strength as well as your quad, glut, and calf muscles. If that’s not enough, a game of volleyball is much more fun than most other cardio workouts since you’re actually playing to score points.



Many people think that they can simply jump on an exercise bike and get the same results as riding an actual bicycle. While indoors exercise bikes can burn calories, bicycles actively engage your stabilizer muscles since you’re constantly having to move your body around and balance your bike.

Another thing about riding a bike outdoors is that while you’re getting all that great cardiovascular exercise in, you actually get to check out the beautiful scenery along the way. Spring, summer, and in some cases fall (depending on where you live) can be the best times of the year to enjoy outdoor cycling. Who knows, it may even get you curious about competitive cycling.

Cycling 13 to 14 miles per hour for 30 minutes burns around 400 calories. Not too shabby! 

#3.Walking/Running Uphill

Simply going for a nice walk around your neighborhood or at the local park down the street, beats being on a treadmill indoors. Once you get used to regular walking for 30 minutes, try adding more intensity by walking at an incline. A 30-minute walk on an incline will burn around 300 calories.

Mind you, walking or running at an incline isn’t as easy as it might seem at first since you have to find a good spot to perform this workout. If you’re looking to run uphill, find a relatively steep hill. Make sure that you run up it, but then safely walk back down.

For more long-distance jogging or walking, you’ll want to locate a hilly area that’s not too steep, otherwise, you’ll get too tired, too quickly. 


If you have access to a river or lake nearby, there’s nothing more refreshing than going for a nice, refreshing swim when it’s warm outside.  Swimming provides the perfect total body workout and can really burn off those unwanted calories when done properly. 

Personally, assuming I’m swimming in a lake, I like to pick a point in the water and swim down and back at a fast pace.  This not only ensures that I’m getting an intense workout, but I’m also increasing my lung capacity.


Okay, so you thought volleyball is fun – there’s another sport that is a blast to play outdoors and that’s good old fashioned basketball. Incredibly, playing a game of hoops for an hour can net you a deficit of 1,000 calories…yes, 1,000!

And just like volleyball, basketball is a competitive sport but you can also enjoy a fun, easy game with friends and family if you don’t feel like playing with the locals at the park.

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