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Korean Red Ginseng


There are a number of regions in the world where varieties of ginseng naturally grow. Ginseng grows naturally in moist mountainous areas. Ginseng also needs extended periods of colder temperatures (40 to 50 degrees Fahrenheit) to grow properly. Thus, ginseng thrives in northeastern Europe and Asia and the northeastern portion of the U.S. and eastern Canada.

The regional variations of ginseng all contain unique chemical structures (and one isn’t even technically “ginseng”) and unique medicinal uses. However, of the varieties of ginseng across the globe, Korean ginseng is the highest quality and most potent, and is the variety with both governmental and clinical backing for its health benefits.


American ginseng – Panax quinquefolis - is indigenous to areas with deciduous forests, it grows naturally in the Northern United States from the Midwest to the Northeast Coast and into Eastern Canada. Wisconsin has arisen as a main harvester of American ginseng. American “ginseng” is in the same family (Panax) as Korean ginseng (Panax ginseng) but, as the lack of the term “ginseng” in the name implies, it is a unique plant. However, it does share many chemical and medicinal properties with Korean ginseng.

The ginsenosides in American “ginseng” are used for their affect on insulin and regulating blood sugar levels. American ginseng is also used for its potential immune boosting and stress diminishing benefits. American ginseng has also been used for respiratory infections. However, unlike Korean red ginseng, these potential health benefits have not been verified medically.


Siberian ginseng – Eleutherococcus senticocus – grows naturally on the edges of wooded areas in Russia and China. Unlike American or Korean ginseng, Siberian “ginseng” is not actually ginseng in the botanical sense (it is not part of the “Panax” family). Ginseng grows as a root plant that sprouts deep green leaves and red berries. Siberian ginseng on the other hand grows as bushes with deep purple berries.

However, Siberian “ginseng” is still commonly associated with the ginseng name as it is linked with many of the same medicinal properties as actual ginseng. Siberian “ginseng” is arguably best known for being what is called an “adaptogen,” a lay term for something that strengthens the bodies ability to resist the effects of stress. Alternatively, it is also used by those with blood pressure issues as well as a host of diseases from kidney disease to ADHD. Somewhat famously, it has been used to enhance athletic performance.


Korean ginseng – Panax ginseng – is the only true “ginseng” of the regional varieties listed. Korean ginseng is indigenous to Korea and grows throughout forests in the country, though eastern South Korea is best known as the main area for ginseng cultivation. Korean ginseng has been renowned for a millennium as a wonder plant. Today, it is globally sought as the highest quality, most potent form of ginseng available.

Korea Ginseng Corp’s brand CheongKwanJang has a government-mandated monopoly on ginseng production in and export from Korea – securing the quality of ginseng from Korea as a matter of government standards.

Korean ginseng is an herbal panacea. Korean ginseng is commonly used for its immune-boosting powers. Studies have shown that Korean red ginseng is linked to increased immune cell production and performance. Korean ginseng has also been shown to boost energy and regulate temperature, mood, and sleep. Finally, Korean red ginseng is also linked to improved concentration and mental performance.


The quality and potency of ginseng is also affected by how it is harvested and prepared. There are two main methods of preparing ginseng for medicinal use. The end products are white ginseng and red ginseng – the color refers to the appearance of the finished ginseng product. White ginseng is produced by sun drying the ginseng. Red ginseng is produced by steaming the ginseng.

The process of steaming ginseng is believed to cause a biochemical reaction which slightly alters and heightens its medicinal powers. With its naturally exceptional potency, Korean red ginseng that is steamed provides a high-quality, potent ginseng product.


Korea Ginseng Corp offers the best Korean red ginseng. Our ginseng has gone through extensive processing to cultivate and improve the nutrients and compounds in the ginseng.  Ginseng used by Korea Ginseng Corp has been grown for six years, which allows nutrients and minerals in the ginseng root to develop. Korea Ginseng Corp’s high quality ginseng products are available in the form of delicious and healthy teas, extracts, candies, and more that can help you power through your day.  Korea Ginseng Corp’s skincare line, Donginbi, offers a variety of products to keep your skin looking young and healthy as well.

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