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Boost Your Immunity During Seasonal Changes

Hello everyone!
It’s already spring and it means Zyrtec season is here. Whether you like it or not, it’s almost become a ritual for many people to stock up antihistamines during this time of the year.

Even if you are lucky and you don’t suffer from seasonal allergies, your immune system might still need a boost, as the strength of your immunity changes with the seasons.

Allergies are a huge deal but, we can’t forget about the deadly flu and common cold during the big seasonal swings. In inconsistent weather, we have all been “weather-confused”, wearing shorts and Uggs at the same time.

All jokes aside, it is scientifically proven that the shift in temperature makes it extremely easy for the viruses to spread. So if you are suffering from a respiratory ailment, it naturally increases your vulnerability of other infections.

Now, how can we fight these viruses? We can always take the medication but why don’t we tackle the root of the problem and prevent getting sick by strengthening our immune system?

Koreans call red ginseng, “the icon of immunity” because Korean Red Ginseng is widely known for its countless benefits for your health, especially for its excellent power to enhance resistance to illness by boosting one’s immunity.

Today, Korean Red Ginseng comes in various forms for easier consumption and to suit your needs. Let’s take a look at a few?

Extract Everytime

Extract Everytime


Extract Everytime is the famous red ginseng stick pouches you’ve seen multiple times on those Korean TV shows. One pack comes with 10-stick packages for easy consumption and portability. It is made of 100% Korean Red Ginseng and purified water. It helps boost the immune system, increases stamina, and overall physical energy. It is my personal favorite as someone who doesn’t drink coffee. Extract Everytime is completely caffeine-free and instantly gives you the natural, sustained energy that lasts all throughout the day.

Good Base: Plum

Good Base: Plum

You want to take care of your immune system, but you can’t see yourself taking a shot of red ginseng every day? Try one with a natural flavor! Good Base: Plum is a delicious supplemental drink in stick pouches that is made with a combination of Korean Red Ginseng and Japanese Plum. This popular Asian fruit is known to aid in digestion while being high in antioxidants and minerals.

Tavalon Ginseng Tea Set

Tavalon Ginseng Tea Set

A tea person? Not a problem! Tavalon and Cheong Kwan Jang have partnered up to present to you, the beautiful set of 12 sachets of premium gourmet teas blended with Korean Red

Ginseng. It can be a great gift to your tea-loving friends as well! With these teas, you can now enjoy your tea time while getting healthy!

Explore various of other ways to enjoy Korean Red Ginseng on! Stay healthy, everyone!


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