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Why Buy Extract Everytime This Spring

Why Buy Extract Everytime This Spring

Learn more about this ginseng supplement, and why consuming it this spring will do your overall well-being a favor.

If you’re looking for an effective immunity booster, ginseng supplements are a great choice. Not only are they free from harmful side effects, but you will also get the many benefits of Korean red ginseng. This herb is known worldwide for its immunity-boosting properties and other benefits like managing healthy energy levels, supporting healthy blood circulation, promoting good sexual health, and fighting fatigue.

Extract Everytime is one of the best health supplements today that is trusted and loved by many worldwide. Let’s learn more about this ginseng product from CheongKwanJang and why it’s worth buying this spring:

Extract Every time contains the super herb and other powerful ingredients.


CheonKwanJang’s Extract Everytime is made of the best Korean red ginseng that has been aged for six years. It is at this age that this ginseng has matured and reached its maximum efficacy. Six-year-old roots contain up to 1.4 to two times the functional health components than the younger ones.

Aside from this super herb, Extract Everytime also contains the following ingredients:

- Licorice root extract powder, which helps treat bacterial and viral infections
- Ginger root syrup extract, which reduces inflammation and supports cardiovascular health
- Propolis, which has antiseptic, anti-inflammatory, antioxidant, antibacterial, and antifungal properties
Although it provides these health benefits, it’s important to note that Extract Everytime is not a cure to any disease, nor prevents any illnesses.

Extract Everytime helps with spring allergies.

Did you know that Korean red ginseng is helpful for people with spring allergies? According to doctor-authors of a medical journal published in 2020 about the effect of Korean red ginseng on patients with allergic rhinitis, the herb can help lessen allergic symptoms. They have found that Korean red ginseng exhibited anti-allergic actions that are similar to those of antihistamines.

So if you are suffering from spring allergies, daily consumption of one Extract Everytime stick pouch will help you manage the annoying sniffing, sneezing, and rashes.

Extract Everytime is convenient.

Because it comes in 10ml stick pouches, Extract Everytime is a very convenient health supplement. You can bring a pouch wherever you go, and drink it any time. There is no need for a glass of water, sugar, or honey. Just open a stick pack and drink up!

Extract Everytime then is the perfect supplement for busy, on-the-go individuals who need to keep themselves protected from viruses and allergens. It's especially recommended for those who work more than eight hours a day, like medical workers, military personnel, and other on-call workers.

Extract Everytime is currently on sale this spring!

Lastly, this amazing ginseng supplement is on sale this March and April! Buy six boxes of Extract Everytime 2,000 mg 10 stick pouches at and get a 10% discount plus free shipping. No code needed!

Stock up now on this amazing ginseng supplement and keep your immune system and well-being healthy this spring.

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