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The New Year: Hope For The Future

As the year 2020 comes to an end, it is a time when one starts to reflect back on the entirety of the year to evaluate areas for possible self-improvement.  While the year 2020 has been quite unique among other years in history, this pandemic has really placed health and wellness at the forefront of most individual’s minds for their future.

As each year comes to a close and the hope for the new year begins, there begins an entire season of fads and resolutions that range from simple to extreme.  These resolutions are usually followed for a few months, but then as with many fads they seem to fizzle out and result in regrets because of the inability to follow through.  These extreme resolutions set the individual up for a hard fall and failure.  The way to succeed in these resolutions is to find ways to make lifestyle changes.  These lifestyle changes can be long-term success stories if one can find ways to make small lifestyle changes that can result in huge health and wellness impacts. 

The Korea Ginseng Corp has found ways to incorporate the six-year-old grown Korean Red Ginseng that offers great supplemental benefits to boost immune health and provide that sought after immunity shield that results in better wellness.  The best Korean Red Ginseng is incorporated into each of these ginseng supplements so that one can receive the highest grade roots when consuming these products. 

The Immune System

The Immune System is the major barrier that the human body has to prevent the entrance of unwanted bacteria and viruses.  The immune system is a very intricate and specialized system that works hard to protect against infection and illness.  If the immune system is not functioning at its prime, then there is nothing to prevent these bacteria and viruses from resulting in infection and illness.  Therefore, one has to find ways to keep the immune system functioning at its prime. 

The two major portions of the immune system include the innate immune system and the adaptive (acquired) immune system.  Each arm of the immune system has a specialized function that works together to prevent infection and illness.  The innate immune system is the immune system in which all of us are born with, while the adaptive immune system (acquired) is the portion of the immune system that develops as we grow and are exposed to other environmental pathogens (Cobbins, 2014). 

Korean Red Ginseng:  Immune System

Korean Red Ginseng has been studied in a variety of medical journals which have evaluated the immune modulation effects of this root.  Korean Red Ginseng contains saponins (ginsenosides) which is a potent immune modulator.  These Korean Red Ginseng roots have been shown to promote immune homeostasis while improving immune resistance to bacteria and viruses.  Korean Red Ginseng enhances all branches of the immune system (Kang, 2012).

Korean Red Ginseng Pure Extract Earth

The Korean Red Ginseng Pure Extract Earth offers the highest quality, potent, hand-picked by experts six-year-old grown Korean Red Ginseng.  This is among the most pure Korean Red Ginseng extract ever harvested, being among the top 2% in premium quality.  This six-year-old grown Korean Red Ginseng contains a strong flavor with decadent aroma.  It is easy to consume and comes in single use packets that are already pre-mixed with water.  The Korean Red Ginseng Pure Extracts contain 100% six-year-old Korean Red Ginseng roots that have the highest-quality optimum level of active components allowing for the greatest benefit in even a small dose.  This product comes in 90 mL x 30 pouches.  Korean Red Ginseng promotes immune health, boosts the immunity shield, reduces fatigue, reduces stress and improves mental clarity.  By boosting the immune system, one can reap the rewards of a healthy immune system.  A healthy immune system is imperative to a healthy life.


Each of the Korean Red Ginseng supplements offer great benefit for those who cherish their health and wellness. The time is now to take charge of your immune health and prioritize health and wellness above all else. This year has been one to remember, whether good or bad we have to move forward and look to the future for our health. Don’t miss out on the opportunity to take charge of your health and take advantage of the offers that the Korea Ginseng Corp are offering during the holidays. Let’s start the new year off right, with health, wellness and lifestyle changes as our long-term resolutions.

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