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“Necessity Is the Mother of Invention": New Wellness Innovation for 2021



Last year brought health challenges unseen in generations and unforeseen by the current generation. We currently live in a hyper-speed age, information, communication, and humans can travel across the globe with freedom and speed unimaginable by any previous generation.

Korea Ginseng Corp has followed this trend, inventing new and improved formulas and combinations to simplify and increase the effectiveness of their immune-boosting supplements.


We have begun the new year! Now is the time for renewal and re-energization. Now is also the time for quiet contemplation in preparation for this yearly opportunity for a renaissance. It is a time for taking a step back to consider and create new ways to meet the challenges of the day and live your best life.

Many of the challenges of the previous year still loom large in our daily lives. The pandemic has yet to begin subsiding, the cold and flu season is still among us, and, relatedly, social isolation is still a required norm. However, they say: “necessity is the mother of invention,” and this does seem to be the case in 2020/2021.


Korea Ginseng Corp is no exception to this rule. Korea Ginseng Corp has been producing high-potency ginseng supplements made from the best Korean red ginseng available for over a century.

Korea Ginseng Corp products range from ginseng root tea to capsules, tonics, and medicinal liquid shots, among a variety of other high quality Korean red ginseng products. In the past year, Korea Ginseng Corp has continued their tradition of continually creating new types of high quality, high potency ginseng supplements, often incorporating other well-known and widely accepted medicinal fruits and herbs to amplify their health-boosting powers.


Cheon Nok – deer antler velvet - extract is nothing new, in fact, Cheon Nok has been used in traditional Chinese and Korean medicine to promote longevity, stamina, and overall well-being for centuries. However, Korea Ginseng Corp has found a new way to improve upon this age-old formula for wellness.

Combining Cheon Nok with the immune-boosting and energy and focus-boosting powers of Korean red ginseng, Korea Ginseng Corp has produced a high-quality, high-potency formula for immune-wellness. Further improving upon this formula, Korea Ginseng Corps’ Cheon Nok Convenience comes in easy-to-use single-serving liquid packs, so you can make it a convenient part of your daily routine – you can even consume it on the go.


Korea Ginseng Corps Koreselect line, introduced in 2020 provides an innovative improvement upon the already holistic wellness provided by Korean red ginseng. Korean red ginseng provides health benefits ranging from immune-boosting, energy and focus-boosting, sleep regulation, temperature regulation, antioxidants, and cellular regeneration.

Korean Ginseng Corp has amplified these health benefits by combining the best Korean red ginseng with other medicinal plants and herbs to double-down on the health benefits provided by their supplements. For example, Koreselect Immune combines the power of Korean red ginseng with the immune-boosting power of elderberry extract to create a powerhouse of an immune system supplement.


Korea Ginseng Corp is your source for an array of the best Korean red ginseng products available. KGC Korean Red Ginseng products include a wide range of cut ginseng root, ginseng supplements – including their new Koreselect line) and tonics, and delicious teas, flavored drinks and treats that can help you function at your peak performance. KGC also offers a skincare line, Donginbi, that can help you radiate your inner wellbeing for the world to see.

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