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Back To School: Ways to Boost your Child’s Immunity

Ways to Boost your Child’s Immunity

Back to school can be an exciting time of year for children and their parents.  It is a time for children to return to school and see their friends that they may or may not have been able to spend time with over summer break.  It is also a time to get new clothes, new school supplies and learn which classroom your child will be in for the duration of the school year.

However, this year back to school will be anything but routine. With the current situation that has rocked the nation, there are still many schools who are not returning to in-person teaching quite yet. There are some schools that have decided to proceed with in-person school classes with extra safety precautions. 

As we are all getting back to normal and beginning to take those steps to encourage in-person classroom teaching, it is going to be essential as parents to ensure that each child has the proper understanding of how they can contribute their part to maintaining appropriate health and hygiene.  For example, teaching our children to wash their hands, wear their masks and refrain from touching everything in sight can be great steps to ensuring the safety of themselves, other children and their teachers. While this is a great goal, it may not be possible for these guidelines to be implemented to the fullest extent, because we are of course dealing with children.  Therefore, it is imperative we, as parents, find ways to boost our children’s immune system so that despite them coming into contact with many different germs they will have a strong enough immune system to prevent them from becoming sick after exposure.

Classrooms may look differently this year, with online education being a prime focus for many school systems. However, this is not a long term solution; and we must focus on getting back to normal with safety precautions so that children can begin to have interactions with others.

Boosting Your Child’s Immune System 

The immune system is a very complex system that works very hard to prevent illness in children and adults.  Children have developing immune systems that can benefit from ginseng supplements that will promote immune well-being and health. 

The Korean Ginseng Corp has developed products specifically for school-aged children to promote immune health and boost the immune system to help fight against these unwanted germs that are ever so present in the environment.  There are three different Kid Tonic Steps that are specifically designed to promote immune health in school-aged children.  Kid Tonic Step 1 is designed for children ages 3 to 4 years old.  Kid Tonic Step 2 is designed for children ages 5 to 7 years.  Kid Tonic Step 3 is perfect for school-aged children ages 8 to 10 years. 

CheonKwanJang Kids Tonic Step 1

Kid Tonic Step 1 for preschool children is a delicious drink that contains Korean Red Ginseng. Korean Red Ginseng has been used for centuries as a method to boost the immune system. This specific drink with Korean Red Ginseng promotes immune health and well-being while providing a foundation of immune enhancement. Other ingredients contained in the Kid Tonic Step 1 include:  vitamin C, minerals, Jujube Fruit and Deer Antler Extract. Perfect for school lunches.

CheonKwanJang Kids Tonic Step 2

Kid Tonic Step 2 is perfect for children just starting Kindergarten or First Grade.  This is a perfect drink that promotes immune health and boosts the immune system creating a solid foundation for health and well-being. This tonic also has a specific formula that promotes immunity and stamina.  Kid Tonic Step 2 has the 6-year-old grown Korean Red Ginseng that has been shown to promote immune health for centuries.  Other ingredients include:  vitamin C, minerals, Jujube Fruit and Deer Antler Extract. This drink is easy to open and is the perfect addition to school lunch

CheonKwanJang Kids Tonic Step 3

Kid Tonic Step 3 is perfect for children ages 8 to 10 years. This delicious drink is full of high-quality, pure Korean Red Ginseng that has been grown, cultivated and harvested after 6 years. These drinks promote immune health and contains a stamina enhancement formula. Other immune boosting ingredients contained in this drink include: vitamin C, minerals, Jujube Fruit, Chlorella Extract and Deer Antler Extract. Perfect for the growing adolescent who is ready to take control of their health.


School-aged children need extra care from their parents to ensure that their health and immunity is top priority. These drinks created by the Korea Ginseng Corp to include 6-year old grown Korean Red Ginseng are an easy addition to the school-aged child’s lunch to incorporate immune boosting ingredients into their everyday drinks. This is a great opportunity to ensure that your child’s immune system is the healthiest possible when embarking on the adventure that is school.

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