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Benefits of Korean Red Ginseng

Promotes Healthy Blood Circulation

The ingredients in Korean Red Ginseng helps to increase blood circulation aiding in maintaining a healthy heart and arteries

Boosts Your Immune System

Korean Red Ginseng increases your immune system's response to foreign objects that enter your body

Supports a Healthy Mind

Helps to maintain a healthy brain and help with cognitive functions

Builds Stamina & Energy

An alternative to caffeine, Korean Red Ginseng is an all-natural energy boost to help you get through your day

CheongKwanJang Korean Red Ginseng

Korean Red Ginseng goes through a process of steaming and drying which causes the root to turn red. This is done to preserve the root for extended periods and also increases the benefits of the ginseng root. Research shows that the overall level of ginsenosides is increased during this process which translates to increased effectiveness.

The Ingredients Say It All

Women's Balance Innergetic contains Korean Red Ginseng and other special ingredients to give you the best benefits. In a convenient stick to take with you anywhere, everywhere.


Prevent overgrowth of infectious organisms, boost intestinal immunity (pre-biotic), prevent inflammation
Agave Syrup

Helps prevent certain types of cancers, fights aging, lowers risk for cardiovascular disease
Banana Juice Concentrate

Helps maintain blood pressure, reduces stress, improves energy
Pomegranate concentrate

Anti-inflammatory, may lower blood pressure, & helps to lower risk of heart disease

People Love CheongKwanJang Korean Red Ginseng

It is always the best product you can get.

I’ve been using this product very long time, and it really helps you feel more energetic and help to overcome fatigue.

Great for cold hands and feet but have to take for a few month to a year

I felt weak and low with energy. Have taken morning and evening for 6month now and feel so much better. Also helped with constant cold hands and feet. Will continue to take for a year. I heard that it will change my body PH and overall health.


The taste is strong but healthy! I put it in my husband's lunch bag every day, and my husband says it's easy and good to eat.

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