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CheongKwanJang Happy October Mystery Gift Promotion

CheongKwanJang October Promotion with Korean Red Ginseng

Happy Holidays! To celebrate this holiday we are having a mystery gift special.

For Orders above $200 on our non promotional items you will receive a Mystery gift item from us.

Each mystery gift will contain one of the items down below:

Pure Extract Cut Grade Pouch ($199.99)

Everytime 3g Extract Sticks (30 Sticks $109.99)

CheonNok Red Ginseng Deer Antler Velvet Extract  (30g $39.99)

Koreselect Wellness Capsules (45 pills $29.99)



Stay healthy and energized with CheongKwanJang!

※Promotion ends on 11/3/2022


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