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Feeling like a couch potato? Here are some fun and creative things to do at home.

Feeling like a couch potato? Here are some fun and creative things to do at home.

Time to recharge after days of socializing

Feeling like a couch potato? We’ve got some better ideas for you to do at home.

couch potato

Greetings, everyone!
Are you enjoying the last bit of fall, or are you already too afraid of the cold to go out? We have a few creative ideas that’ll elevate your alone time indoors.

Create a masterpiece with ease, ‘Pipo painting’

Pipo painting
Is the word ‘painting’ intimidating you because it sounds like it involves a lot of effort? Well, with Pipo painting, that’s not the case. Pipo painting is a type of painting you just paint colors by number that’s pre-written on the canvas. As simple as it sounds, it is surely a great hobby for anyone to try. The kit usually comes with a set of brushes and other painting tools. Won’t you pick your favorite art piece and recreate your own this weekend?

Make any items of your own, ‘Weaving’


A lot of you may be familiar with knitting, but have you heard of weaving? Weaving is a textile production which two different threads are interlaced to form a fabric. You can make endless list of items such as hats, shoes, clothes, rugs, and many more. This useful technique has been practiced for thousands of years. The best part of this hobby is that you can make whatever you wish to use, in any form of color or style. I bet you’d be incredibly thrilled as you see your work adding up in your home.

Snip, snip, time of concentration, ‘Paper cutting’

Paper cutting

Did you know you can create such a beautiful art with just a sheet of paper and cutter knife? Cut out the paper precisely, following the sketch. You can make flowers, birds, animals, and even some intricate patterns. Once you laminate the completed work, you can use it as a postcard, or a bookmark. Make sure to use a cutting mat and always be careful with the knife!

Your own little garden, ‘Home gardening’

Home gardening

Refresh your home with a bit of nature! Home gardening is literally a small garden in your living space. You can grow plants in the terrace, on your desk, or anywhere else you’d like. It could also be a great decoration idea to amp up your home.

KGC Candy

When you need some refreshments while you enjoy your new hobbies, try Korean Red Ginseng Candies! These candies are made of Korean red ginseng extract and the mouth-refreshing ingredients such as menthol and xylitol. If you do not like sweets, we have the sugar-free option available as well.

Hope you found our recommendations fascinating! These hobbies are not only appropriate for the winter, but all four seasons. Remember to have a little time to relax and have some alone time to recharge from the noisy outside world!

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