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Better Your Love Life & Immune System at the Same Time

Better Your Love Life & Immune System at the Same Time

Failure to Launch 

There seems to be a big double standard in society in terms of virility. Whereas if certain women don’t possess a lot of sexual energy or feel a need for sex, it’s no big deal. However, if men aren’t particularly virile, they are stigmatized and ridiculed for not being able to “get it up.”

Men are men, and as such, are supposed to be aggressive, potent, and masculine. All of these factors lead to expectations in the bedroom with regards to a man’s abilities to please a woman. But if he can’t deliver, especially if he talked a big game (we know some of you guys do), then things can go south really fast.

Sometimes certain men simply aren’t that interested in sex. But other times there may be a more serious issue at hand: Erectile dysfunction, or ED.

ED is actually not that uncommon amongst men, although many think it is. Men who have problems getting aroused tend to internalize their issues rather than reach out. This can have a cascading effect because as a man’s self-confidence gradually erodes, he’ll begin to have sexual anxiety, which only compounds the problem and makes things worse.

There are many factors that can contribute to ED—too much stress, excessive cannabis and alcohol consumption, aging (and therefore a loss of natural testosterone production), and over-masturbation to name a few.

Whatever the reason, when a man’s penis is being deprived of all of the androgen and neurotransmitters that are required to power a firm erection, he’ll just end up remaining limp and listless during the pre-phase of sexual activities.

As mentioned, ED is one of the most common sexual issues out there for men. Therefore, if you’re one of the guys out there suffering from it, don’t feel that you are alone. You’re not.

Many men turn to potentially disastrous (and irreversible) surgical procedures or extremely harmful pharmaceutical-grade drugs in order to solve their ED problems. Some, however, consider trying an all-natural remedy.

Promoting a Healthier You

Korean Red Ginseng AKA Panax ginseng is widely believed to provide a caffeine-free source of both instant and sustained energy. This “wonder herb” has been utilized for maintaining physical and mental energy, as well as sexual vitality throughout Asian countries for thousands of years.

Panax ginseng’s legendary success as a virility-booster may come down to its adaptogenic qualities. It is believed to enhance not only physical performance but also sexual stamina. Ginseng also supports blood flow, which can positively affect ED.

Adaptogens have been known to increase your body’s natural resistance to stress. Along with their stress-relieving capabilities, they are also believed to help reduce inflammation, as well as atherosclerosis. Both inflammation and atherosclerosis are prime causes of ED.

But that’s not all. While your love life picks up, Korean Red Ginseng is also known to have restorative effects on one’s body. These are mainly attributed to its chemical compounds. A particular component that is thought to play a key role in Korean Red Ginseng’s strengthening of the immune system is galacturonic acid. 

Galacturonic acid may strengthen your immune response by boosting its activation of macrophages, which in turn increases the activation of natural killer and T cells. The release of these elements promotes a heightened immune response.

In the end, becoming a better lover while also strengthening your body’s natural immune system sounds like a pretty good deal. Try it out for yourself.

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