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5 Not-So-Good Post-Workout Habits

5 Not-So-Good Post-Workout Habits

Check Those Bad Habits

If you even casually peruse the health & fitness publications out there on the market, you’ll probably find that most of them are concerned with things that you should be doing. However, you rarely see anything that may be corrective or not-so-good for realizing your health & fitness goals.

Let’s be honest, we’ve all slipped-up from time to time and developed some habits that may be contradictory to what we’re trying to achieve with our workout regimes. Some of this can be attributed to people feeling that because they put in the hard work of strenuous exercise, they’ve “earned it” to be able to slack off.  In other words, just because you are putting in some appreciable work in the gym (or home gym) doesn’t mean you can it’s a good thing to gobble up a dozen donuts or down a 6-pack of beer.

These are 5 things that you may want to avoid in order to optimize all of the hard work, sweat, and tears that you’ve been sacrificing. Don’t let it all go to waste.

Health is a habit that extends far beyond the gym, so don’t negate all the hard work, sweat, and tears you put into pumping iron by committing these sins.

Here are the eight post-training missteps that you should avoid at all costs. 

#1.Wait Too Long Before Eating

After workouts (especially intense ones), your body requires lots of nutrients, especially proteins, carbohydrates, and amino acids. Why? Because during each workout, you damage muscle fibers and exhaust your nervous system. So what’s the best way to repair these deficits?

Right after your typical workout, try feeding it some high-quality food within 30 minutes of completing your last reps. We’re talking whole foods here, not the processed stuff (or fast food for that matter). Meal prepping is great because it allows you to prepare food in advance so it’s handy for consumption. 

#2.Don’t Miss Out on Whey Protein

You’ve probably heard the term “whey protein” tossed around in health & fitness circles, especially in the bodybuilding scene. And there’s a perfectly good reason for that.

Simply put, when whey protein hits your stomach, it is digested very rapidly, and then sent off to those damaged muscle cells with the utmost of efficiency. This can be extremely effective right after especially intense workouts. Failing to include whey protein in your post-workout routine can result in you missing a crucial element in your fitness regimen.

#3.Consume Too Much Fat

Building on #1 and #2, the primary goal of any good post-workout meal is to ensure that both proteins, amino acids, and carbohydrates make it into your bloodstream. In this way, they can be distributed to your damaged muscle fibers as quickly as possible.

Fats (the bad kinds) tend to slow down this digestive process, which in turn can hamper your body’s ability to synthesize all of the nutrients that you ingest from your post-workout meals.

#4.Skimp on a Restful Sleep

Skimp on a Restful Sleep

It would be optimal for people to get a good amount of rest (even a nap) right after each workout. However, if you’re like most folks, you lead a busy life in this “go-go-go” modern-day society. Therefore, that’s just not feasible for most people.

A good rule of thumb would be not to engage in any overly-strenuous physical activity right after an intense workout since your body is still trying to recover. What you could do is take a little time out for yourself to simply sit down somewhere and relax. Couple this downtime with consuming your post-workout meal and now we’re talking business.

At night, try to get as restful a sleep as you can, because your fitness training will only pay off if your body gets the adequate rest it needs to rebuild and rejuvenate itself. Don’t skimp out on opportunities to indulge in proper rest periods.

#5.Skipping Fast-Acting Carbs

As mentioned previously, it’s absolutely crucial to feed your body the proper nutrients it needs, right after workouts. Consuming carbohydrates (the good kind) can play a critical role in your health & fitness equation.

These carbohydrates are of the “fast-acting” or “high-GI” variety. Since your body is primed to absorb these types of carbohydrates (and therefore refill muscle glycogen in the process), it’s best to consume them after your workouts in order to refuel your body.

These types of carbohydrates can be found in any variety of rice or potatoes, bagels, and rice cakes—all of which will absorb into the bloodstream more rapidly and elevate your insulin. This, in turn, allows your cells to synthesize the food’s nutrients into your muscle cells at an accelerated rate.

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