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Enjoy huge discounts to get your health boosted with our Hwang Jin Dan Tonic, Hwa Ae Rak Innergetic, GoodBASE Passion Fruit Stick at a discounted price to gift daily 'immunity' to you and your loved ones!
       -  HwangJinDan Tonic
                All our proudful Premium ingredients are mixed together to create this perfect product. Earth-Grade Korean Red Ginseng Roots with SAT Grade Deer Antler Velvet from New Zealand to make your day as vital as it can get.
       - HwaAeRak Innergetic Jelly Stick
                Healthy Jelly Stick made of 6-Year-old Korean Red Ginseng, dietary fiber and five fruit ingredients (plum, pomegranate, bean-cord grapes, pineapples, bananas). With one stick, enjoy all the benefits at once
       - GoodBASE Passion Fruit Stick
                Blend of Korean Red Ginseng and Passion Fruit to make sure you get the most benefits out of one stick. With this perfect balance of tart and sweet, it's a tasty addition to your workout or even just as a midday snack

Offer 1: 30% DISCOUNT on Innergetic and Hwang Jin Dan Tonic
        - Use Coupon Code: "BFCM30"
Offer 2: 50% DISCOUNT on GoodBASE Passion Fruit Stick
        - Use Coupon Code: "BFCM50"
Promotion valid on during 11/26-11/29

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Hong Sam Jin Bon Pouch Korean Red Ginseng - CheongKwanJang

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