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How Ginseng Benefits Workouts And Exercise

The world is changing from depending on artificial products to adopting natural products that provide immense health benefits. People are now more health conscious and exploring organic options to substitute artificial workout supplements. What was believed to be a simple root is now in demand for the several merits it offers.

What is Ginseng?

Ginseng refers to a variety of slow-growing plants with light-colored, forked-shaped, fleshy roots and quite a long stalk with oval-shaped green leaves. A mature Ginseng plant has three to five compound leaves, with each made up of three to five leaflets, that grow a cluster of dull-yellow flowers in spring. In early fall, these flowers grow into bright red berries that contain the seed.

There are several varieties of this plant that are marketed as Ginseng. But only two kinds are worthy of mention – Asian ginseng (Panax ginseng) and American ginseng (Panax quinquefolius). These provide a host of benefits.

Ginseng can either be wild or cultivated and grows naturally in mountains. These shade-loving plants mostly flourish in deep forest areas with 70% to 90% shade. They also thrive well in drained loam soil that gets 35 inches to 50 inches of rain.

Ginseng is gaining popularity for the advantages it offers, especially as a workout supplement. Due to its popularity, it was harvested before it could reproduce, leading to its extinction in China. It is now on the global endangered list.

Is it true that ginseng benefits workouts?

Ginseng offers a lot of benefits to the health:

It controls blood sugar levels

It may be useful in reducing the risk of certain types of cancer

It boosts the immune system

It acts as an anti-hypertensive and regulates your cholesterol levels

It is a useful alternative in the treatment of erectile dysfunction

It improves brain functions, like mood, memory, and behavior.

It is a great substitute for general healthcare, and what's more: ginseng benefits workouts as well! During exercise, your body experiences soreness, muscle tear, depleted energy levels, lactic acid build-up, peripheral nervous system fatigue, hunger, and thirst among others. These are referred to as microtraumas. Ginseng can be consumed as a pre-workout supplement to reap optimum results from the physical exertion and minimise the microtrauma.

Other benefits of Ginseng for work-out include the following.

It provides better physical stamina.

It consists of antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties that reduce any inflammation caused by exercise.

It increases energy capacity and fights off fatigue.

Ginseng benefits workout recovery by reducing muscle damage, keeping the production of lactic acid in check, and decreasing soreness during healing.

It is a boon for body builders as Ginseng promotes the Nitric Oxide production in your body.


Ginseng benefits workouts when taken as a pre-workout supplement. It not only offers incredible benefits, but also brings in other health boons as well, which include reduced stress, lower blood sugar and cholesterol, and more. It is vital to remember that Ginseng is among the world's endangered species, so sustainable harvesting practices are suggested.

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