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Korean Red Ginseng: 2021

The year 2020 has been a year with many obstacles. With the pandemic sweeping the nation, it has caused many to place at the forefront of their lives the things that truly matter:  the health and wellness of one’s self and one’s family. These obstacles that we have had to overcome in the year of 2020, help us focus on our health and wellness for the future new year to come. It is time to start the new year by prioritizing our health and wellness by promoting immune health. 

Superior Korean Red Ginseng

Korea Ginseng Corp has developed ginseng supplements that are superior to other products on the market.  The best Korean Red Ginseng produced by the Korea Ginseng Corp goes through an extensive developmental process.  Korean Red Ginseng is produced via a six-year process in which it is grown with care.  After the Korean Red Ginseng has grown for six years, it is then harvested.  During the cultivation and harvesting process, a team of experts evaluate each Korean Red Ginseng root extensively to ensure its highest quality and potency.  Korean Red Ginseng has been utilized by those practicing Eastern medicine for centuries as a modality to improve immune function and immune health.  The Korean Red Ginseng has specific components within its root that functions specifically to promote immune health, reduce fatigue and stimulate mental clarity.

The Immune System

The immune system is the largest barrier that our body has to prevent unwanted bacteria and viruses from entering and resulting in illness. The immune system has two major components: the innate immune system and the adaptive (acquired) immune system. The innate immune system is composed of physical barriers that prevent the entrance of foreign pathogens, like bacteria and viruses.  These physical barriers include:  the skin (which is the largest organ of the human body) and mucus membranes. These barriers work as a first line modality to prevent foreign invaders from entering the body and causing illness.  The other portion of the immune system is the adaptive (acquired) immune system.  This portion of the immune system is adaptive and works hard to eradicate bacteria and viruses once they have entered into the body. The adaptive (acquired) immune system is constantly changing and develops based on exposure to those bacteria and viruses. The adaptive (acquired) immune system also has a memory portion, which helps to eradicate bacteria and viruses much faster upon second exposure (Cobbins, 2014). The immune system is essential to a healthy individual. As one can see, it is quite imperative to the health of the individual to have a healthy, functioning immune system.  It is only with a healthy immune system, can one remain healthy.

The Hwang Jin Dan Tonic

The Hwang Jin Dan Tonic

The Korea Ginseng Corp has developed so many different ginseng supplements that focus on promotion of immune health. The Hwang Jin Dan Tonic provides the secret recipe of the Imperial Family. This product contains Ji-Sam which is among the highest quality red ginseng. This ginseng is among the top 2% in quality, perfect for the Imperial family. Other ingredients included with this tonic include Deer Antlers, Angelica and Rehmannia Glutinosa.

Hwang Jin Dan Tonic promotes fatigue recovery and boosts the immune health.  Other benefits of Hwang Jin Dan Tonic include promotion of mental clarity and memory improvement; improvement of circulation and potent antioxidant properties. Antioxidant properties offer great benefit to keeping the immune system healthy.


As we move into the new year, it is imperative we find ways to promote immune health and take charge of our own health. If we do not prioritize our own health, we are at increased risk of developing illnesses. Therefore, as we continue into the new year, looking to the future for change it is now the time we make the choice to prioritize our health and find ways to stimulate our immune system.  Don’t miss out on these great products that have been proven to offer benefit through fatigue recovery and immune health.


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