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How to Strengthen Older Children’s Immunity

How to Strengthen Older Children’s Immunity

Got an eight to ten-year-old? Here’s how you can boost their immunity.

Older kids, specifically aged eight to ten, need energy for more school work and activities. They also bring bigger and heavier bags that might take a toll on their small bodies. With that said, boosting their immune system and enhancing their stamina is much more critical.

Just because they’re older doesn’t mean their immunity’s stronger. Continuous boosting is still needed, and the same goes for maintaining your kids' energy levels. Keep your older kids protected from illnesses with these health tips:

Lessen junk food intake.

Lessen junk food intake

Older kids tend to eat more junk food like potato chips and chocolate, especially when they’re hooked on video games. Don’t totally cut it off their diet, just lessen it. Offer them more fruits as snacks. Fruits like oranges and berries are packed with immunity-boosting phytonutrients called carotenoids, which help increase disease-fighting white blood cells.

Make eating healthy snacks more enjoyable by blending them up as yummy smoothies and making colorful fruit bowls. 

Give them supplements.

Give them supplements

Aside from making them eat more fruits and vegetables, supplements are also recommended. Health supplements like ginseng supplements aid in boosting immunity and maintaining energy levels. Kids this age are still not used to ginseng's bitter taste, so they need a liquid supplement that will pass their picky palates, like CheongKwanJang's Kid Tonic 3.

Kid Tonic 3 is made of 100% of the best Korean red ginseng that has been matured and grown for six years. It also contains deer antler extract, chlorella extract, vitamin C, and minerals, all of which can strengthen immune functions. And to balance out the bitter taste, it contains sweet jujube fruit extract. Kid Tonic 3 is formulated for older kids aged eight to ten and comes in 20ml easy-to-open packs to avoid spillage.

You can purchase Kid Tonic 3 at now for only $109.99. That’s 18% off of its original price until October 4, 2020!

Instill healthy sleeping habits.

Instill healthy sleeping habits

Good, quality sleep at night for kids is very important because it is at this time when the body restores itself. So if one doesn't sleep during the night, the body has no chance to recharge, which can lessen the number of natural killer cells that protect the body from cancer cells and microorganisms. 

The National Sleep Foundation recommends a total of nine to 11 hours of sleep for school-aged kids. So be strict with bedtimes. To encourage them to sleep early, tell them about the harmful effects of sleep deprivation. 

Exercise as a family.

Exercise as a family

Kids today may now lack exercise because of too much screen time. Exercise is important as it may help flush harmful bacteria out of the lungs and airways, lessening the chance of getting the common cold, cough, or flu. Encourage your kids to move around by exercising as a family. You can attend a dance class together or allow them to help with the household chores.

Another fun way is to play games that allow them to move and sweat. Good examples are bicycle riding, skateboarding, and even VR motion games. Activities like these are fun ways to keep them physically active and promote family time.

Observe proper hygiene.

Observe proper hygiene

Lastly, remind the kids to observe proper hygiene. Prevention is always better than cure, so teach them the importance of cleanliness. They should always remember to thoroughly wash their hands before and after using the bathroom, before and after eating, and after coughing and sneezing.

Educate them about the transmission of viral diseases and how cleaning helps prevent the spread. Kids this age can better understand this; you'll just have to frequently remind them so they wouldn't forget.

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