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Boosting Immunity in the Midst of Illness at School

Boosting Immunity in the Midst of Illness at School

Back to school is an exciting time of year for both children and parents.  It is an opportunity to cherish your child or children’s experience as they enter into a new grade and experience new teachers and new classmates. 

Whether your child is returning to the in-person classroom teaching experience, or the online teaching experience it is certain that this school year will be quite unique. Returning to school can be overwhelming, especially with the extra safety precautions that are going to be universally mandated across the nation.  Therefore, it is going to be essential that even if everyone is healthy, one must take extra precautions to boost one’s immune system. 


For every parent that has even sent their child off to school, there is one thing that is certain within the first few weeks of returning, and that is that someone will come down with a virus of some sort.  This is an inevitable result of placing hundreds if not thousands of children and teachers within the same school.  These students and teachers gather in confined areas for pep rallies and back to school expectations and instructions, while the same air-conditioned air is being continuously circulated within the school.  These conditions create an environment that is promoting the spread of bacteria and viruses.  Therefore, it is imperative that in addition to the expectation of wearing one’s mask, washing one’s hands, and maintaining physical distance that one take charge of their own health and incorporate Korean Red Ginseng as one of the ginseng supplements to promote their own immune system.  By boosting one’s own immune system, it can prevent that individual from acquiring these illnesses; and if by the off chance the illness is contracted, with a healthy immune system, it is likely that the severity of the illness will be much less as compared to those who have a weakened immune system.

Korean Red Ginseng 

Korean Red Ginseng has been used for centuries as a means to boost the immune system and treat patients by those who practice Eastern medicine.  It should be no surprise that the Korean Red Ginseng produced by CheongKwanJang is superior to all other products on the market, as they have implemented a vertical integration system that has ensured that the cultivation of a 6 year old Korean Red Ginseng prior to it being harvested and hand evaluated by scientists trained specifically to choose only those roots that have been deemed superior. 

CheongKwanJang has many different products that have Korean Red Ginseng as their primary ingredient. There is literally a product for everyone.  The Korea Ginseng Corp has developed products that include 6-year-old grown Korean Red Ginseng which include:  Red Ginseng Latte, Red Ginseng Extract Tea, Red Ginseng Instant Tea, Korean Red Ginseng Extract (warm or cold tea); Korean Red Ginseng Extract Everytime drink, Korean Red Ginseng Extract Pills. Each of these products offer high-quality, pure and potent Korean Red Ginseng. 

How Does Korean Red Ginseng Boost Immune System?

Korean Red Ginseng has been a centuries old medicinal root used to boost the immune system and promote health and wellbeing for generations by those practicing Eastern medicine. It has been proven to be an immune modulator and this can be quite beneficial especially in those circumstances in which germs are transmitted between populations of people. One area in which there are populations of people that can spread germs is in the school setting.  

There have been many scientific studies that have evaluated the benefits of Korean Red Ginseng on immune health especially of the respiratory system.  Some of these studies even focused on extremes of ages within the population, which would include both the pediatric population and the geriatric population.  The literature published showed that Korean Red Ginseng has many different mechanisms for improving immune health and inhibiting viral transmission.  Some of those mechanisms include the following: improving the, “systemic and mucosa-specific antibody responses, serum hemagglutinin inhibition, lymphocyte proliferation, cell survival rate, and viral clearance in the lungs” (Iqbal, 2020). Other means in which Korean Red Ginseng has been shown to reduce the transmission of bacterial and viral infections include reducing expression of pro-inflammatory cytokines and chemokines which are produced by airway epithelial cells and macrophages. 

Korean Red Ginseng alleviates bacterial infections via prevention of inflammatory cytokine production.  Korean Red Ginseng is an immune modulator that activates specialized cells within the immune system to eliminate bacteria and viruses, which could otherwise cause infection, such as pneumonia. These viruses and bacteria that can most likely result in influenza, common cold and pneumonia can be eliminated and/or prevented by promoting immune health. Promotion of immune health can alleviate the awful symptoms commonly associated with these infections, resulting in a reduction of duration of these illnesses.  Overall, the literature review supported that Korean Red Ginseng is an effective means to therapeutically treat and/or prophylactically prevent these illnesses via promoting a healthy immune system (Iqbal, 2020).


Getting back to school can be an exciting time of year, but with all the changes in the world it can also be overwhelming. During this unprecedented time, it is essential to take extra care of one’s health; and prioritize immune health to help to prevent illness that will almost certainly be circulating among the school-aged children. Prioritize your health and the health of your children today and incorporate Korean Red Ginseng into your everyday lifestyle.

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