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Back to School with CheongKwanJang i-Pass Tonic for Kids

Back to School with CheongKwanJang i-Pass Tonic for Kids
It is getting near that time of year when your kids will return to school and meet new people. Whether they will meet their classmates in person or over a Zoom conference, they will need to be concentrated and in tip top focus in order to do their best at school. At such an early age, there are a variety of health risks your children may face when coming back to school. This includes fatigue, mental health issues, the common cold, or exposure to germs due to interactions with other students. Therefore, it is important to prepare your children for any health issues they may encounter when they return to the classroom.

The type of health risks your children may face in the classroom largely depends on how they come back to school. If they are coming back to school in person, then you will be exposed to other students and adult staff. This means potentially contracting all manner of sicknesses including but not limited to common cold, bronchitis, and sore throat. As your children have not fully developed their immune system yet, care should be taken to ensure your children can smoothly recover from any health issues. Exposure to unfamiliar germs is not the only health risk that your children face when returning back to school in person, however. Besides diet and exercise, the best way for your children to prepare for the various germs they may encounter at school is to wear a mask at school and keep their distance from others during the day.

Not all children coming back to school are coming back in a school building. Some are instead returning to school online in a Zoom conference. In this situation, your children will be less exposed to COVID-19 and unknown germs from other people but there are still health risks that need to be taken into account. Your children will be staring into a computer screen for a long period of time and sitting on a desk for hours on end at home. The overuse of technology will lead to fatigue and tiredness in your children which might lead to decreased focus. Although diet, exercise, and a good sleep cycle will do wonders to counteract these health issues, you can take it one step further by taking ginseng supplements like  CheongKwanJang’s I-Pass Tonic.

I-Pass is a Korean Red Ginseng tonic supplement that can be added to tea or other beverages to give your children the energy and cognition boost they need to get through the day. Using a blend of mature, six year old ginseng for maximum effectiveness. Our ginseng tonic has passed 293 quality and safety tests to guarantee a superior product for you and your children. We maintain complete control over the manufacturing and processing procedure to ensure the highest quality ginseng is used for our products. Korean Red Ginseng I-Pass offers a healthy, delicious, and nutritious supplement that can provide that much needed energy boost for immune health and fatigue reduction.

About Korean Ginseng Corp

Here at Korea Ginseng Corp (KGC), we offer a variety of drinks, cooking supplements, and other products made with only the best Korean red ginseng. Our ginseng products provide a delicious and earthy addition to any food, tea, or any other beverage you or your child may be taking. Korean red ginseng has been a popular flavor to add to tea for generations, and we wish to continue this legacy by offering you the best quality Korean red ginseng. The most potent kind of ginseng, Korean red ginseng comes with a variety of nutritional and immune support benefits.

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