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5 Mother’s Day Gift Ideas for 2020

5 Mother’s Day Gift Ideas for 2020

Whether you’re with your mom or she’s miles away from you, these gift ideas will surely uplift her spirits this Mother’s Day.

Not everyone lives near their mom, so cooking up a special dinner at home on Mother’s Day is not possible. You may also be affected by travel restrictions, so paying her a visit is impossible too. However, there are ways to cheer Mom up, even if you can’t spend the day with her. 

With that being said, we created a list of Mother’s Day gift ideas that you can get inspiration from if you are miles away from her.  

1. Send her immune-boosting supplements for good health.

Everyone in the family needs immune boosters to avoid getting an infection, and this is especially true for the elderly. If Mom is someone who gets the common cold easily, sending her a pack of immune-boosting supplements is a good and thoughtful idea.

Don’t just go with the bottles of multivitamin tablets you see on the drugstore shelves. Go with something more unique, like Korean red ginseng extract supplements. The Extract Everytime Stick Packs from the CheongKwanJang brand is highly recommended because it contains only the best Korean red ginseng grown for six years to ensure potency and effectiveness of the herb. It is also easy to consume and prepare -- Mom can drink straight from the packet or add to a water bottle for a diluted version.

Korean red ginseng products, believe it or not, are actually gift-worthy, and will surely make Mom happy. In fact, South Korean President Moon Jae-in and Prime Minister Chung Se-kyun recently gave CheongKwanJang red ginseng products to public health officials as a gift. Aside from that, the country’s Ministry of Food and Drug Administration recognizes the functional effects of red ginseng in helping with boosting immunity and fighting off fatigue. So if you are highly concerned with Mom’s health, order red ginseng products online at and have it delivered to her place as this year’s Mother’s Day gift. 

2. Send her skincare products. 

If Mom is the type obsessed with skincare, then sending her skincare products for Mother’s Day is a no-brainer. This year, however, make it more special by choosing products that she hasn’t tried before. 

Korean red ginseng skincare is a good idea, especially if you are planning to send her red ginseng supplements. Donginbi is a skincare brand from CheongKwanJang that offers a wide variety of skincare products. They offer various gift sets for women who have daily and nightly skincare routines.

The Donginbi Red Ginseng Moisture & Balancing Skincare Set is made of products that can hydrate and balance Mom’s skin. All these contain a high percentage of red ginseng condensate -- highly-condensed nutrients that make the skin smooth, providing a better anti-aging effect and absolute skin nourishment. 

This skincare set includes:

Red Ginseng Moisture & Balancing Softener - Soothes and balances skin's pH as it boosts the effectiveness of the entire skincare regimen

Red Ginseng Moisture & Balancing Emulsion - A lightweight milky lotion for hydration

Red Ginseng Moisture & Firming Essence - A serum treatment that helps improve skin elasticity for a revitalized appearance

Red Ginseng Moisture & Firming Cream - Cream that intensely hydrates for intense hydration for healthy, luminous skin

As with the red ginseng extracts, you can also order the Donginbi Red Ginseng Moisture & Balancing Skincare Set at and have it delivered to Mom’s place.

3. Buy her eGift cards.

Gift cards are always a safe option because Mom can spend them however she wants to. They can be delivered instantly online, so you don't have to worry about them arriving late for Mother’s Day. All you have to do is think about what your Mom’s currently obsessed with.

Here are some good recommendations:

Netflix Gift Card - for Moms who love to binge-watch series and movies

Disney+ Yearly Subscription -  for Moms who are young-at-heart

Audible Membership - for the bookworm

Grubhub Gift Card - for Moms who love to order food from their favorite local restaurants

Nordstroms Gift Card - for the fashionista Moms

Spotify eGift Card - for Moms who love to listen to music ads-free

Sephora Gift Card - for the beauty buff Mom

Lululemon Gift Card - for Moms who love to wear leggings every day

Brooklinen E-Gift Card - for Moms who deserve to sleep in comfy sheets

Amazon Gift Card - the safest option among all in this list! 

4. Have a virtual breakfast with her (or lunch or dinner!).

Make that special breakfast possible by sharing a meal together online via Zoom, Skype, Hangouts, or Messenger. Set up a time with Mom, but if you want it a surprise, enlist the help of dad. It will feel like you're taking her out for a meal, but you won't have to go outside or travel to where she is right now. That special virtual shared meal will definitely lift her spirits and yours too. 

5. Make a funny viral-worthy video. 

If your Mom loves scrolling through TikTok or Facebook to entertain herself, you can send her a viral-worthy video as your virtual Mother’s Day gift. You can do it alone or involve friends and family that are with you. Be creative -- it can be karaoke-themed, talent-themed, or simply just silly stuff that Mom enjoys. Going back to memory lane is a good topic too, but you might need Kleenex for this!

As with viral videos on social media, your virtual video gift doesn’t have to be a long one. Make sure it’s stuff she enjoys, and don’t forget to tell her that you are thinking of her even if you are miles away from each other.

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